• My picture isn't everywhere, but people recognize me. I'm telling you, it's the nose.

    Tony Kanaan, May 2007

  • If we're racing on Superspeedways with catch fencing, I fear we're just playing the odds until we have something protecting our heads. It’s a scary thing to say.

    Ryan Hunter-Reay on canopies, Racer Magazine, 15 September 2014

  • You don't gotta win by five seconds - you just gotta win.

    Tony Kanaan, Motegi 2007

  • I think this is something that will really change the complexion of the sport for a long time to come, so this is big

    Jay Frye on the Aeroscreen, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, October 2nd 2019

  • It felt way better than I ever thought it was going to feel!

    Ed Carpenter on finally winning his first race, Kansas, October 2011

  • I am a connoisseur of information!

    Conor Daly on silly season rumours, Trackside, September 13th 2016

  • I'm 19 years old, I drive Indy cars... I'm happy.

    Marco Andretti, July 2006

  • If he thinks I'm not going to remember that, HE'S CRAZY!

    Danica Patrick on Dan Wheldon, Milwaukee 2007

  • Broke a glass at a restaurant. Apologize to the waiter, he looks at me, says "Accidents happen. YOU know what I mean!"

    James Hinchcliffe via Twitter, December 17th 2015

  • This has been the best season of my career in motorsport and I've learned so much. We'll be coming back to win this thing next year.

    Will Power on losing to Dario Franchitti, Homestead, 2010

  • When you go home and you're slow, there's nothing you can do. But when you go home under these conditions it's kind of tough.

    Alex Tagliani, Indy 500 Bump Day 2009

  • I'd have finished my career very disappointed had I not won the Indy 500. It's an amazing feeling and an amazing event.

    Will Power on winning the 102nd Indy 500, racer.com, August 7th 2018

  • I'm throwing this one out to Dan. This is his hometown, this is his car.

    James Hinchcliffe after his first career victory, St. Petersburg, March 24th 2013

  • Cheever had a problem with my dad, he had a problem with me, and now he's taking it out on Marco.

    Michael Andretti, Watkins Glen 2006

  • Back then there were 50-75 cars just trying to make the field. And they were the best drivers in the world. I remember thinking; I can’t believe this. I can't believe I got a spot.

    A.J. Foyt on qualifying for his first Indianapolis 500 mile race

  • I bet you'd love to drive one, you just wouldn't want to crash one!

    Charlie Kimball to Dale Jr. via Twitter, Pocono, August 23rd 2015

  • What makes IndyCar racing so good is there's not much you can do on your car to differentiate it from the others. It's only dampers, third springs. There's the aero with the aero kits – and hopefully those are going away.

    Bobby Rahal on the benefits of a spec series, Racer.com, May 18th 2016

  • I told him I'd follow him anywhere he went, as long as it was on the racetrack.

    Sam Hornish Jr on Tomas Scheckter, Texas 2005

  • And here comes Max Crappis into the pits!

    Paul Page, Michigan '99

  • We are trying to fix them but when you start behind the eight ball like last year you are playing catch-up and you will continue to play catch-up until we get rid of these stupid kits!

    Michael Andretti on aerokits, Autosport.com, 15th April 2016

  • The things that play on your mind the most are the ones that just got away.

    Buddy Lazier on the Indy 500

  • Finishing in the Top-10 here was because of nutrition.

    A Sarah Fisher malapropism, Texas 2007

  • Rick Mears is a great race car driver. Hopefully I have plenty of years to try to earn his respect again.

    Tony Kanaan, Detroit 2007

  • I've seen this place be absolutely great to me, and I've seen it wrench my heart from my body.

    Dan Wheldon on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • Patience is a virtue... and someone wasn't very virtuous today.

    James Hinchcliffe on an unnamed driver, Long Beach 2014

  • At 220mph friendship, risk and victory become extremely volatile.

    Dan Wheldon

  • Milka, if you're gonna go that slow you gotta drive your mirrors, hon'!

    Ryan Hunter-Reay to Milka Duno after Watkins Glen qualifying, July 2010

  • Downforce is the enemy of racing.

    Rick Mears, Motorsport.com, September 15th 2016

  • This track, believe it or not, has done worse to me in the past, and we came back swinging.

    James Hinchcliffe on Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Bump Day, May 19th 2018

  • Since last fall I've been wondering what in the hell it's going to feel like, and now I know.

    Danica Patrick on driving an IndyCar after 7 years away, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 1st 2018

  • It's just crazy. If I never won another pole, I wouldn't care. Almost.

    James Hinchcliffe on winning the pole for the 100th Indy 500, May 22nd 2016

  • I keep getting asked by Europeans, drivers also, if racing around IMS was boring an' easy. I just want to shake my head and walk away.

    Connor Daly, June 6th 2013, via Twitter

  • I remember the first year I raced here, I took pictures of the entrance. I was taking pictures. I hoped one day to race here in May.

    Fernando Alonso on Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 3rd 2017

  • I promise you this: it isn't the last you've seen of me at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My last time there will not be a day when I'm walking out with my tail between my legs.

    Paul Tracy, Indy Bump Day 2010

  • I arrived in Turn 1 and I was convinced that I was doing flat out, but the foot was not flat - it had its own life, it was not connected to my brain at that moment.

    Fernando Alonso on Turn 1 commitment at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 3rd 2017

  • Having raced all over the planet, I would say that IndyCar is the toughest beast yet to master for me.

    Felix Rosenqvist, Motorsports.com, September 17th 2019

  • I think Danica's pretty aggressive in our cars. I mean, you know especially if you catch her at the right time of the month, she might be trading plenty of paint out there!

    Ed Carpenter, July 2006

  • Time to go to the back row party!

    Ryan Hunter Reay, Indy 500 Bump Day 2009

  • Andy Granatelli for as much as he put into the sport, especially at Indianapolis. I had to deal with that big kiss. I can still smell the garlic.

    Mario Andretti on Andy Granatelli after the 1969 Indianapolis 500

  • I was going good but then I slipped in my own drool.

    Helio Castroneves on the return to road courses

  • Winning is always a great feeling, but winning at your home track, a place that you grew up at and a place that helped you fall in love with the sport of IndyCar racing... this is priceless.

    Graham Rahal on winning at Mid-Ohio, Instagram, August 3rd 2015

  • Heeeeere's something that's amazing... i-dent-ical laps.

    Tom Carnegie

  • We're all back to square zero!

    James Hinchcliffe on the start of a new season, Trackside, March 18th 2014

  • As a past driver, I'd answer the phone if Roger or Chip called...

    Sarah Fisher on keeping Josef Newgarden in her team, Racer.com, August 3rd 2015

  • If he wins this race with what he has to work with, they ought to name this place after him.

    John Barnes on Sam Hornish Jr, indy 2003

  • I wish Beaux Barfield was officiating when I was driving - I'd have gotten a lot less penalties!

    Paul Tracy on lax penalties for avoidable contact, Long Beach 2014

  • We'd love to see Buddy Rice in a car and in the Indy 500, but as best we can tell, no driver has ever qualified for the Indy 500 from their couch.

    TrackSideOnline, May 2009

  • Now they've got competition and they are not talking about winning. I feel like they want to sit around and hold hands and sing. I want to win.

    Chip Ganassi on Honda, St Petersberg, March 23rd 2013

  • I lifted a little, but I didn't touch the brake.

    Will Power on the art of restarting, St Pete's, March 30th 2014

  • Whatever you heard, somebody made it up. For the first two days, he talked nonsense because he had a concussion. It doesn't matter what he was saying. He doesn't even remember it.

    Tony Kanaan on the rumours of Dario Franchitti's retirement after Houston, 2013

Standings after 16 events of the 2015 Season

1 craig stringfellow JimmyHollywood 2511
2 Rob Foxx Foxx Indy Racing Enterprises 2502
3 Neil P The Stickman's Racing Group 2407
4 Steve Mente Goggles_Paisano 2404
5 Tom DeHaven P1 Chase 2371
6 John Racer X 2327
7 Jim Blasko Lightning Blackie 2322
8 Mark Wyldman MarkoWild 2321
9 Nathan Losure Who Dat Racing 2293
10 Drew Storms BadStorms 2289
11 Bill Knoth The unblinking eye 2285
12 Joey Newgarden Racer OT 2279
13 Matt Callahan OilCanCallahan 2276
14 jeff h2oski 2272
15 Gary Evans nrracing 2270
16 KP B Team Buckley 2267
17 Barry Kershaw Launch Racing 2259
18 Denise Need4speed 2256
19 Kurt St. Angelo Circus Maximus 2254
20 Dale Gleitz Mallard 2251
21 Ron Stanley Dawg Fan 2250
22 Tom Taylor Taylor Racing Team 2235
23 jeff stanley pink13 2228
Donna Jackson gogetem 2228
25 Maryln E. MissIndy 2227
26 Phil Nation American Racing 2221
27 Tim Reagan Perfect Circle Racing 2219
28 Tim Tim's Brickyard Bombers 2217
29 Michel Brooks Zzzzz's 2214
Tom H. Coyotes 2214
31 Lizzy Walsh Scottie's Girl 2213
32 Michael Rick Mears Head 2209
33 Ken Neth Team Neth 2204
34 Mike Alley Cat 2198
35 Jay Breslawski Monarch LT Racing 2193
36 Melissa Barrameda Bignumber4 2190
37 jim stringfellow Race Riot 2186
Tony AWL Racing 2186
39 John Blasko Speed Master II 2175
40 Bill Battle Red Racing 2174
41 Farid Challenger 1970 2173
42 Dan Guse dguse500 2171
43 Larry Keller Rahal's Racerz 2167
44 Ross Waitt Team Field 2163
45 Patrick Moore Brundle 2161
L.A. Hewitt-Ruble ElectricPandaBoogaloo 2161
47 Allen Bujak War Eagle Racing 2159
48 John Baadilla Baadilla Autosport 2157
49 Ben Deneweth Sweaty Gym Sock Motorsports 2154
50 kerry breslin nz racers (who said kiwis can't fly) 2142
51 Brad Allen Umphreaker49 2140
52 Jim Ferguson Team Kanaan 2139
53 Mike G Boilerbird Racing 2137
Vincent C Genovese Slot 8 Racing 2137
55 Michael Misterka GoCanadaRacing #33 2127
56 Andrew Wood Fast Woody 2124
57 Brad Chicago Indycar Fan 2122
Randy Flaming Exhaust 2122
59 Chad Kincaid Searching for the next Tom Sneva 2118
60 Brett M. Waldrep Waldrep Motorsports 2112
61 Alan Losure Rebel Racing 2108
62 Scott Barton Indy500Fan 2107
63 Darrell Cox Rum Runner 2098
64 Cruncher C. Block III uH-oH! Not another champion with the last name Blasko?! No, not happening this time 2094
Sheila Blasko Peppy Pistons 2094
66 David Lauby SeeYa 2084
67 Chad Ring AMR Racing 2083
68 Jennifer Caldwell Seven Promotions 2073
69 Andrew agn727 2069
Hitokiri Hasbro/Takara Hitokiri Racing 2069
71 Cliff Alberta 2065
72 Gordon Martinez SwedishRookieBalls 2061
73 Andy Miller Squadra Speedgeek 2060
74 Rob McMahon Team Green and Gold 2057
75 Andrew Miller A.J. Foyt's PopOff Valve 2050
76 Chad Eberly Bulldog Racing 2047
77 Luke LaBonte DamnHippieMotorsports 2046
78 Walenty DemoManWalenty#14 2042
79 Ben Smith Facta Nonverba Racing 2036
80 Tyler Cartmell TDC Motorsports 2033
81 John Wilson Wombat Racing 2029
82 Brian Johnson idahoindy 2026
Jack Johnson spears 2026
84 Doug S 85-95 Indy Rules 2025
85 James duncan Gov't Mule 2012
86 Dave Bulebush Bbush Racing South 2006
87 james crash bandicoots 1997
88 Jonathan Close Lemming51 Enterprises 1996
Kym Kymopolis 1996
90 Jody Karam SageFan 1988
91 Don Walker Flying Diamond Racing 1986
92 Mike Cline Rahal Rules 1982
93 Mike Hess Jr. Granite Racing 1981
94 Tori JK Gnomes in Harmony 1976
95 Shayla Rammel TeamRammel 1953
96 Jim M teamindy 1939
97 Tyler Wood woody17x winners 1935
Allen Wedge Ride Buyers 1935
Greg Izzi Team Grizzlor 1935
100 alex ab108 1919
101 Dave Rammel Doodles Racing 1914
102 Leesadee You Got Smoked 1897
103 John Cunningham Penske15 1893
104 Jose Not at the table Carlos Munoz 1879
105 Pat Wotton IndyCarlin 1858
106 John Y Indy500orbust 1855
107 Lisabeth LEB racing 1844
108 Jonathan Bell #MorePower12 1840
109 Adam Evarts Evarts Motorsports 1828
110 Mike Murphy MurphysLawl 1825
111 Candi Jackman Jackman 1824
112 Bryan Be Ugly American Racing 1818
113 Tom Earle IndyHP 1815
114 Marty Maupin Kibo Racing 1811
115 Matt Turbo Racing 1809
116 Bill Wolfred Team Nabors 1808
117 Jim Cockrall Old Fart 1798
118 Mark Fresher Fresh Racing 1791
Nelson U Cheeze-It Autosport 1791
Chris Jockish Open Wheeler 1791
121 Jo Jacers 1789
122 Ryan Lang CT Indy Racing 1783
123 Greg Koesters lets go racing 1774
124 Derek Waldrep One of Thirty-Three 1772
125 Jessica Know Effin Kloo 1760
Kevin Kreigh Indy_K 1760
127 Stephanie Windy City Quackers 1751
128 George Booth LVGEO 1747
129 Randy Holbrook FordGT40 1744
130 Nathan Ringham jack hewitt's mustache 1740
131 Ryan Empty Cooler 1739
132 Nick K Carters Starters 1736
133 Josh Bedink Chairburner Racing 1724
Nathan Johnson FirstOnRaceDay 1724
135 Steve whiting Granatelli 1705
136 Guilherme Brandenburg Royal Pevensie Motorsports 1678
137 Jeff Jackson TeamJJ 1667
138 Brad Graves Lawnbandits 1652
139 Andrew Ringham Spicy Cheese Sausage 1650
140 John W Team Stinger 1649
141 Paul Palmieri IndyCar Serious 1647
142 Andrew Loviscek AndyCar Series 1630
143 Miguel Ecurie GT-REPORT.com 1608
144 Joseph Gallagher Team Helio 1601
145 Aaron Weiss Team Never Nudes 1597
146 Ron Drewniak Got Screwed With The Front Row Challenge 1594
147 DP 2018 Champ 1593
148 James Chairburner Racing 1588
149 Matt G Team Name 1578
150 Alex Burton Invisiteam 1570
151 Glenn Lane Team Arizona 1568
152 Judy Lauby some beach 1540
Swen Johnson Shoreline Drive Motorsports 1540
154 Peter hill Peter hill 1508
155 Don Caldwell Travelodge Special #44 1498
156 Chris Brooks Bashers 1489
157 Stanley Bass JPM for the next win 1476
158 Ryan Willy T 1473
159 Frederick Hurley Big Green Motorsports 1466
160 Daniel Gorun Bandwidth Bandits 1463
161 Rod Strayer Hoosier Racing Team 1459
162 Ryan Short Turn 3 for life 1455
163 Kenneth Ramirez Team Pongo 1451
164 Trixie Dennit Racing 1439
165 Dan 500skipday 1438
166 Allen Bujak War Eagle Racing 1430
167 kim kenny double yellow racing 1417
168 Dave Hoff Road Dawgs 1369
John Livengood Live 'N' Good Racing 1369
170 Rich Gregor Team Doughnuts 1316
171 Kent Mueller Mueller Autosport 1299
172 Mike Brooks JPM or bust 1293
173 Meatball Manning Manning Racing 1280
174 Tony Knight redwheelracing 1210
175 Anthony ADRacing 1101
176 Shawn Mattox Rust-eze Racing 1093
177 jakelowss champcarrules 1062
178 Doreen 1019
179 Madix Johnson 3M Autosport 944
180 Chad Danica Patrick Racing 935
181 Christopher R. Jenkins Jenkmonster 934
182 Miles Patterson Mach GoGoGo 919
183 JGriner LionheartNeverForget 900
184 Tim Kirtley no.1 jeep 892
185 Mike Cockrall Team Canada 869
186 Joe Hahn wjhracing 865
187 Patrick Nolan PN Racewerks 863
188 Chris Wiseman Hunt Wisely 786
189 Jeff Mallue Chairburner Racing 775
190 Jon Piazza InCarZo 741
191 Adam W. Team IndyWahoo6 711
192 Todd Telford Born to Blip 666
193 Jameson Bad Grasshopper Racing 540
194 Nathan Priest Open Wheel 4 Real 530
195 Tim Kirtley no.1 jeep 521
196 Ben Andel Chairburner Racing 520
197 Richard strouth bigcat2626 511
198 patrick gardner Vegas Wildcats 500
199 Paul 471
200 Jeremy Right Rear Gone 439
201 Rob P1 339
202 william harvey trackslayer 297
203 Jim Mitchell Indy Power 278
204 charlie schenkel cs1 277
205 bob jarmula Upsidedown 261
206 Chris Rammel Crusher Racing 244
207 Brandon Ballschmiede 1stDirection 230
208 Lauren Lehracer 135

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