• She's just feeling the pressure of not winning races.

    Dan Wheldon on Danica Patrick, Milwaukee 2007

  • I keep getting asked by Europeans, drivers also, if racing around IMS was boring an' easy. I just want to shake my head and walk away.

    Connor Daly, June 6th 2013, via Twitter

  • It takes a lot of guts to expose yourself in front of millions of people, in front of all the media, in front of all your peers. If somebody came to me and said, "Hey, you want to run Texas in an IRL car," I'd say, "Hell, no. I don't want to get embarrassed." She's doing that. I have a lot of respect for that.

    Jeff Burton on Danica Patrick, June 2010

  • To finish first you must first finish.

    Rick Mears

  • Gentlemen, start your engines.

    Wilbur Shaw

  • That was for the team.

    Tony Kanaan, Fontana 2005

  • It was a tough day – really disappointing... I guess it was a good day in reality.

    Josef Newgarden on finishing 7th at the IMS Road Course, July 4th 2020

  • If we're not racing hard, we're not racing.

    Tony Kanaan, St Pete's 2007

  • It's a living, breathing, organism.

    Eddie Cheever on Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • Antony! Yer losin' 3 seconds a lap! Now get yer foot into it, I'm not gonna tell ya again!!

    AJ Foyt, Chicagoland 2004

  • Good news is we've won every race we've finished!

    James Hinchcliffe on crashing out at Long Beach, April 22nd 2013

  • Having raced all over the planet, I would say that IndyCar is the toughest beast yet to master for me.

    Felix Rosenqvist, Motorsports.com, September 17th 2019

  • I've got the Grandfathers Club with Helio and Juan, right?!

    Roger Penske on his older two drivers, motorsport.com, March 22nd 2016

  • I think Danica's pretty aggressive in our cars. I mean, you know especially if you catch her at the right time of the month, she might be trading plenty of paint out there!

    Ed Carpenter, July 2006

  • Whoever has got the big balls is going to go fast!

    Helio Castroneves

  • Everyone thinks that running in dirty air causes the front end to wash out, but actually it affects the whole car and you just can't follow someone close in fast or medium-speed corners since the aerokits came in.

    Will Power on aerokits, Motorsport.com, May 4th 2016

  • I plan to be here hopefully until I'm into my 40s, and to accomplish something like Scott has done.

    Alexander Rossi on building an IndyCar legacy, Mobil1TheGrid.com, December 10th 2018

  • Eyes on the starter...

    Tom Carnegie

  • If he wins this race with what he has to work with, they ought to name this place after him.

    John Barnes on Sam Hornish Jr, indy 2003

  • We're all back to square zero!

    James Hinchcliffe on the start of a new season, Trackside, March 18th 2014

  • Downforce is the enemy of racing.

    Rick Mears, Motorsport.com, September 15th 2016

  • I'm a little rough around the edges like him and I say what I feel, there's no B.S. and that's one of the things I've always admired about him.

    Paul Tracy on AJ Foyt, May 2009

  • I kind of have half an idea of what it means to win this race now. I couldn't be happier.

    Dario Franchitti on winning the 91st Indy 500

  • I can't believe it. I cannot believe it. What a year for this Target team. It was so much fun to be a part of.

    Dario Franchitti, Homestead 2009

  • You won't believe it!

    Tom Carnegie

  • Well, the elephant in the room is the aero kits.

    Marco Andretti on why the Honda teams were struggling, Barber, April 27th 2015

  • The last I looked, I earned the label of Indy 500 champion; those lobbing unfounded accusations at me have not.

    Eddie Cheever Jr. after Watkins Glen 06

  • If someone said choose one race to win, just one, and that was the only race you ever got to win, it would be the Indy 500.

    Jack Harvey on the Indianapolis 500, indianapolismotorspeedway.com, February 21st 2019

  • For a moment, all is right with the world - Danica Patrick is leading the Indianapolis 500.

    Adam Alexander, Indy 2005

  • She probably does not know what that is, so I can say I'm going to Las Vegas to play poker and she'll think it's something like that!

    Fernando Alonso on what his mother would think about the Indy 500, motor.as.com, April 20th 2016

  • You don't gotta win by five seconds - you just gotta win.

    Tony Kanaan, Motegi 2007

  • That's a good way to lose a championship.

    Tony Kanaan, Kansas 2007

  • If I have to race until I am 86 years old, I am going to race until I win another Indianapolis 500.

    Dan Wheldon after finishing 2nd in the 2010 Indianapolis 500

  • I miss my fans so much, you have no idea. I think I appreciate them more then I ever did.

    Sarah Fisher, August 2006

  • A happy wife is a happy life!

    Scott Dixon on marriage at the Carb Night Burger Bash, 2015

  • If you're an open-wheel racer and not at Indy in May, you're not really a race car driver. You just think you are.

    Eddie Cheever

  • It's always sad to be out of a race but I'm happy that I walked away; it was a nasty, nasty crash.

    Tony Kanaan at the 2009 Indianapolis 500

  • This place isn't easy. It's not supposed to be easy. This place starts the 33 fastest, best-prepared cars. Obviously, I missed.

    Paul Diatlovitch, Indy Bump Day 2007

  • I am a connoisseur of information!

    Conor Daly on silly season rumours, Trackside, September 13th 2016

  • Not bad for a part timer ;o)

    Graham Rahal on finishing 5th at Toronto, via Twitter, July 2010

  • Now it's obvious we were too conservative, we should have just gone for it

    Eric Bachelart, Indy 500 Bump Day 2009

  • And here comes Max Crappis into the pits!

    Paul Page, Michigan '99

  • ...one of the things that has always been wrong with that theory that NASCAR is the enemy... and they are... is because the people at NASCAR need to protect NASCAR.

    Curt Cavin on Trackside, May 13th 2010

  • I'm the happiest guy on earth right now!

    Rinus VeeKay on finishing 5th at the IMS Road Course, July 4th 2020

  • You need to learn how to f***ing count.

    Arie Luyendyk, Texas '97

  • Rick Mears is a great race car driver. Hopefully I have plenty of years to try to earn his respect again.

    Tony Kanaan, Detroit 2007

  • I don't know him at all. Is he in his own little world?

    Kevin Lee on Jacques Villeneuve, Trackside, August 2012

  • The walls are white, the track is grey, the grass is green, and the sky is blue... your job is to keep them all where they belong.

    Johnny Rutherford's advice to Indy 500 rookies

  • There is nothing like winning the Indianapolis 500 and fortunately I was able to do so.

    Eddie Cheever Jr.

  • My Father said if you are going to win one race, make sure it is the Indianapolis 500

    Eddie Cheever after winning the Indy 500


Results for Texas Motor Speedway Firestone 600

1Ben SmithFacta Nonverba Racing176
2Mike CockrallTeam Canada161
3Ron StanleyDawg Fan159
4Neil PThe Stickman's Racing Group158
5Jim Mteamindy156
6Vincent C GenoveseSlot 8 Racing154
 Steve MenteGoggles_Paisano154
8kerry breslinnz racers (who said kiwis can't fly)152
9Dale GleitzMallard151
 Bill KnothThe unblinking eye151
11JackJohnson spears149
 Brian Johnsonidahoindy149
 Rob FoxxFoxx Indy Racing Enterprises149
 Brett M. WaldrepWaldrep Motorsports149
 Bill Battle Red Racing149
 Dave BulebushBbush Racing South149
17MikeAlley Cat148
 jim stringfellowRace Riot148
 Nathan JohnsonFirstOnRaceDay148
 Jonathan Bell#MorePower12148
21Chad EberlyBulldog Racing145
 David LaubySeeYa145
23Jim BlaskoLightning Blackie143
24James duncanGov't Mule142
 Tom DeHavenP1 Chase142
 Matt CallahanOilCanCallahan142
27John BaadillaBaadilla Autosport141
 Ken NethTeam Neth141
29Ben DenewethSweaty Face Covering Motorsports140
 LeesadeeYou Got Smoked140
32Cruncher C. Block III 🏆1981 Interscope Spcl. #25🏎138
 Ryan LangCT Indy Racing138
 Melissa BarramedaBignumber4138
 Mike MurphyMurphysLawl138
36Tom EarleIndyHP137
 Guilherme BrandenburgRoyal Pevensie Motorsports137
38Mike GBoilerbird Racing136
39Rob McMahonTeam Green and Gold134
40Kurt St. AngeloThe Yellow Shirts133
 jamescrash bandicoots133
42Barry Kershaw Launch Racing132
 Sheila BlaskoPeppy Pistons132
44Joey NewgardenRacer OT131
 TonyAWL Racing131
46Adam EvartsEvarts Motorsports130
 Marty MaupinKibo Racing130
 Bryan BeUgly American Racing130
49KP BTeam Buckley129
50Jennifer CaldwellSeven Promotions128
51Drew StormsBadStorms127
 Donna Jacksongogetem127
53Ron DrewniakBlack Flag126
 Allen BujakWar Eagle Racing126
 craig stringfellowJimmyHollywood126
56John WilsonWombat Racing125
57Luke LaBonteDamnHippieMotorsports124
 MattTurbo Racing124
 Scott BartonIndy500Fan124
 Doug S85-95 Indy Rules124
 L.A. Hewitt-RubleClutchXCoast124
 Larry KellerRahal's Racerz124
63JohnRacer X122
 Brad GravesLawnbandits122
65Don CaldwellTravelodge Special #44121
 Nathan LosureWho Dat Racing121
 Andy MillerSquadra Speedgeek120
 Judy Laubysome beach120
 RyanEmpty Cooler119
 Tyler Woodwoody17x winners119
73Derek WaldrepOne of Thirty-Three 118
 Chad RingAMR Racing118
75John YIndy500orbust117
 Chris JockishOpen Wheeler117
 Nelson UCheeze-It Autosport117
78Madix Johnson3M Autosport116
 HitokiriHasbro/Takara Hitokiri Racing116
 Kevin KreighIndy_K116
81Jose Not at the table Carlos Munoz115
82Lizzy WalshScottie's Girl114
 Tim ReaganPerfect Circle Racing114
84Jay BreslawskiMonarch LT Racing113
 TimTim's Brickyard Bombers113
 Gary Evansnrracing113
87Dan Gusedguse500111
 Candi JackmanJackman111
89Meatball ManningManning Racing110
 Stanley BassJPM for the next win110
 Bill WolfredTeam Nabors110
92Andrew MillerA.J. Foyt's PopOff Valve109
 MichaelRick Mears Head109
94Phil NationAmerican Racing108
 Patrick MooreBrundle 108
 Joseph GallagherTeam Helio108
 FaridChallenger 1970108
 BradChicago Indycar Fan108
99Dave RammelDoodles Racing107
 Michel BrooksZzzzz's107
 Jim FergusonTeam Kanaan107
 John CunninghamPenske15107
103Nathan Ringhamjack hewitt's mustache106
104Gordon MartinezPatos Caddie105
 Shayla RammelTeamRammel105
 jeff stanleypink13105
107Tom TaylorTaylor Racing Team104
 Jody KaramSageFan104
 Tom H.Coyotes104
110Aaron WeissTeam Never Nudes103
 Glenn LaneTeam Arizona103
 LisabethLEB racing103
113Kenneth RamirezTeam Pongo102
114Andrew LoviscekAndyCar Series101
115Alex BurtonInvisiteam100
116Tyler CartmellTDC Motorsports99
 John BlaskoSpeed Master II99
119Alan LosureRebel Racing98
 Mike ClineRahal Rules98
121Maryln E.MissIndy97
 Tori JK Gnomes in Harmony97
 Allen BujakWar Eagle Racing97
 Ross WaittTeam Field97
125Chad KincaidSearching for the next Tom Sneva96
 StephanieWindy City Quackers96
 Allen WedgeRide Buyers96
 Mark WyldmanMarkoWild96
129George BoothLVGEO95
 DP2018 Champ95
131RandyFlaming Exhaust93
 Frederick HurleyBig Green Motorsports93
 Andrew WoodFast Woody93
 Paul PalmieriIndyCar Serious93
 Pat WottonIndyCarlin93
 JessicaKnow Effin Kloo92
 Michael MisterkaGoCanadaRacing #3391
140Darrell CoxRum Runner90
 Jim CockrallOld Fart90
142Ryan ShortTurn 3 for life89
144Greg Koesters lets go racing88
 Randy HolbrookFordGT4088
 TrixieDennit Racing88
147Mark FresherFresh Racing87
 Jeff JacksonTeamJJ87
149Andrew RinghamSpicy Cheese Sausage86
150JamesChairburner Racing 85
151Brad AllenUmphreaker4984
 Kent MuellerMueller Autosport84
 Matt GTeam Name84
154Jonathan CloseLemming51 Enterprises82
155Greg IzziTeam Grizzlor80
156Peter hillPeter hill 79
158Rich GregorTeam Doughnuts76
 Josh Bedink Chairburner Racing76
 MiguelEcurie GT-REPORT.com76
161Don WalkerFlying Diamond Racing75
162John WTeam Stinger71
163Steve whitingGranatelli68
 ChrisBrooks Bashers68
166Mike BrooksJPM or bust67
167Dave HoffRoad Dawgs64
 Daniel GorunBandwidth Bandits64
169Shawn MattoxRust-eze Racing60
170RyanWilly T58
171Doreen 55
172Swen Johnson Shoreline Drive Motorsports48
173Miles PattersonMach GoGoGo46
174Anthony ADRacing31