• As a past driver, I'd answer the phone if Roger or Chip called...

    Sarah Fisher on keeping Josef Newgarden in her team, Racer.com, August 3rd 2015

  • We won a 500-mile race - not the right one, but we won a 500-miler...

    Will Power on the 2016 season, ESPN.com, September 18th 2016

  • Andy Granatelli for as much as he put into the sport, especially at Indianapolis. I had to deal with that big kiss. I can still smell the garlic.

    Mario Andretti on Andy Granatelli after the 1969 Indianapolis 500

  • Brian Clauson's car got pretty beat up yesterday. It's black and blue all over

    Justin Wilson on Brian Clauson's patchwork DW12, bump day, Indy 2012

  • Eyes on the starter...

    Tom Carnegie

  • Not bad for a part timer ;o)

    Graham Rahal on finishing 5th at Toronto, via Twitter, July 2010

  • The things that play on your mind the most are the ones that just got away.

    Buddy Lazier on the Indy 500

  • I was going good but then I slipped in my own drool.

    Helio Castroneves on the return to road courses

  • 3-horse chase. Power, Dixie and GR

    Curt Cavin with a new twist on an old saying, GP of Baltimore 2013

  • It was a tough day – really disappointing... I guess it was a good day in reality.

    Josef Newgarden on finishing 7th at the IMS Road Course, July 4th 2020

  • Winning is always a great feeling, but winning at your home track, a place that you grew up at and a place that helped you fall in love with the sport of IndyCar racing... this is priceless.

    Graham Rahal on winning at Mid-Ohio, Instagram, August 3rd 2015

  • I prefer to be here, even 34th, then being at home like last year.

    Fernando Alonso on the Indy 500, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 19th 2019

  • The minute he got in front of me, he slowed down half-a-second a lap because he knows I'm fighting him for the championship and he was out of the race. It's probably the most unsportsmanlike thing I've ever seen on the racetrack, apart from shunting someone into a wall.

    Wade Cunningham on Sebastien Saavedra, Iowa 2009

  • Going into Texas with four wheels on the car is pretty exciting!

    Sarah Fisher after the 2009 Indianapolis 500

  • Do you think I give a flying f*** what Buddy Rice thinks?

    Dan Wheldon

  • I need a nap now.

    Colton Herta on winning his first IndyCar race, COTA, 24th March 2019

  • Everyone remembers the pole winner for two weeks. Everyone remembers the race winner for life.

    Dan Wheldon on the Indy 500

  • The Indianapolis 500 is about the fastest 33 Indy car drivers going for one prize. If they happen to come from America, that's great.

    Tony Stewart, May 2007

  • I was frustrated since Motegi and wanted to prove a point. When you're in a competitive package, you can't let points slip. I can eat breakfast tomorrow morning now instead of stabbing my fork into the table.

    Dan Wheldon, Kansas 2007

  • The wall came too close and too quickly.

    Fernando Alonso after crashing in practice, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 15th 2019

  • She was acting like a spoiled brat. I don't respect that. I tried to step away. She kept grabbing on me like a dog that wanted to bite my ankles.

    Dan Wheldon on Danica Patrick, June 2007

  • This is a huge day for the IndyCar Series and for our sport as a whole, for sure.

    Michael Andretti, February 22nd 2008

  • Heeeeeee's on it!

    Tom Carnegie

  • You need to learn how to f***ing count.

    Arie Luyendyk, Texas '97

  • I remember the first year I raced here, I took pictures of the entrance. I was taking pictures. I hoped one day to race here in May.

    Fernando Alonso on Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 3rd 2017

  • I promise you this: it isn't the last you've seen of me at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My last time there will not be a day when I'm walking out with my tail between my legs.

    Paul Tracy, Indy Bump Day 2010

  • I don't want to take a defeatist attitude here but it's going to be ugly. If IndyCar goes the domed skid route, we're going to be taking a knife to a gunfight.

    Sam Schmidt on Chevy's advantage with domed skids, Racer.com, April 7th 2016

  • Antony! Yer losin' 3 seconds a lap! Now get yer foot into it, I'm not gonna tell ya again!!

    AJ Foyt, Chicagoland 2004

  • He said its the best team out there. If its the best team, he shouldn't have a problem.

    Chip Ganassi on whether he'd allow Jaun Pablo Montoya to test for Penske, Houston, October 2013

  • It's amazing how different an Indycar is from anything else on a racetrack.

    Alexander Rossi, Autosport.com, April 26th 2017

  • Everyone wants to pick a fight with me. Whatever.

    Sage Karam on everyone wanting to pick a fight with him, IndyStar.com, August 3rd 2015

  • Some of the drivers who don't want to do the Indy 500, they just have small balls. I think that's the only explanation.

    Mikhail Aleshin on drivers who are too scared to run the Indy 500, May 16th 2017

  • To finish first you must first finish.

    Rick Mears

  • I don't know him at all. Is he in his own little world?

    Kevin Lee on Jacques Villeneuve, Trackside, August 2012

  • At 220mph friendship, risk and victory become extremely volatile.

    Dan Wheldon

  • We're all back to square zero!

    James Hinchcliffe on the start of a new season, Trackside, March 18th 2014

  • I just kept focused, focused, focused, all day long, getting every corner perfect.

    Helio Castroneves, St Pete's 2007

  • We'll be fine. I'll take them to Six Flags tomorrow and we'll all be fine.

    Tony Kanaan on Marco & Danica, June 2009 at Texas Motor Speedway

  • I think Danica's pretty aggressive in our cars. I mean, you know especially if you catch her at the right time of the month, she might be trading plenty of paint out there!

    Ed Carpenter, July 2006

  • Everyone thinks that running in dirty air causes the front end to wash out, but actually it affects the whole car and you just can't follow someone close in fast or medium-speed corners since the aerokits came in.

    Will Power on aerokits, Motorsport.com, May 4th 2016

  • The only reason I'm wearin' it is so I didn't leave it in no hotel nowhere!

    A.J. Foyt on his Indy 500 winner's ring, Detroit, June 3rd 2016

  • The Indy 500 is one of the greatest events in the sport. Drivers all over the world know this. I belong there. Because I'm a racer.

    Fernando Alonso on The Indy 500, The Players Tribune, May 18th 2017

  • I still have the passion to drive the hell out of it!

    Juan Pablo Montoya on his motivation, NBCSports.com, July 12th 2016

  • That was for the team.

    Tony Kanaan, Fontana 2005

  • I drove it like I stole it!

    Helio Castroneves, St Pete's 2006

  • Let's wait and watch.

    Tom Carnegie

  • Will he get through? Where is he? Where is he? There he is!

    Tom Carnegie on A.J. Foyt, 1967

  • I can tell you one thing, with 50 to go, I thought we were going to go home and close our tent.

    Roger Penske, Indy 2006

  • That was the hairiest day I've ever had.

    Ryan Hunter Reay, Indy 500 Bump Day 2009

  • She probably does not know what that is, so I can say I'm going to Las Vegas to play poker and she'll think it's something like that!

    Fernando Alonso on what his mother would think about the Indy 500, motor.as.com, April 20th 2016


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