• I can tell you one thing, with 50 to go, I thought we were going to go home and close our tent.

    Roger Penske, Indy 2006

  • It's like a reunion to come back here every May. I've never retired. I always say, "I'm not done yet."

    Parnelli Jones, Indy 2007

  • Everyone remembers the pole winner for two weeks. Everyone remembers the race winner for life.

    Dan Wheldon on the Indy 500

  • Everyone wants to pick a fight with me. Whatever.

    Sage Karam on everyone wanting to pick a fight with him, IndyStar.com, August 3rd 2015

  • Some of the drivers roll out this 'safety' word, and suddenly it ties everybody's hands. But those arguments make no sense anyway. Remove downforce and you actually improve safety

    Rick Mears on downforce, Motorsport.com, October 28th 2015

  • I drove the best race of my whole career!

    Rinus VeeKay on finishing 5th at the IMS Road Course, July 4th 2020

  • He said its the best team out there. If its the best team, he shouldn't have a problem.

    Chip Ganassi on whether he'd allow Jaun Pablo Montoya to test for Penske, Houston, October 2013

  • When I saw he was slowing down, I have to say it was a relief. I thought, 'Now we can finally unleash the beast inside and go for the win.'

    Simon Pagenaud on Will Power's misfortune at Sonoma, ESPN.com, September 18th 2016

  • The things that play on your mind the most are the ones that just got away.

    Buddy Lazier on the Indy 500

  • I'm just so f***ing disappointed!

    Kosuke Matsuura, St Pete's 2007

  • That's a good way to lose a championship.

    Tony Kanaan, Kansas 2007

  • I still have the passion to drive the hell out of it!

    Juan Pablo Montoya on his motivation, NBCSports.com, July 12th 2016

  • There is nothing like winning the Indianapolis 500 and fortunately I was able to do so.

    Eddie Cheever Jr.

  • With photos, sometimes people get old. Not me, but some people do.

    Helio Castroneves, June 2009

  • I can't control what size I am and how I'm built. All I know is the NBA doesn't lower the hoop for short guys.

    Danica Patrick, June 2005

  • This is just an excellent race and to be a part of the history, I'm really grateful for that.

    Roger Yasukawa, Indy 2007

  • I'm a moving chicane out here!

    Juan Pablo Montoya, lap 42 at St Pete's, March 30th 2014

  • The worst thing about crashing A.J.'s car twice in two days is you still have to go to dinner with him. And he makes you buy, and then he eats your bowl of ice cream, too.

    Billy Boat

  • Gentlemen... restart your engines!

    Tom Carnegie, Indy 2004

  • Fernando Alonso on the difference between an IndyCar and an F1 car, May 3rd 2017

  • I'm 19 years old, I drive Indy cars... I'm happy.

    Marco Andretti, July 2006

  • You don't gotta win by five seconds - you just gotta win.

    Tony Kanaan, Motegi 2007

  • It's a great feeling. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

    Sam Hornish Jr. on winning the 90th Indy 500

  • If you're an open-wheel racer and not at Indy in May, you're not really a race car driver. You just think you are.

    Eddie Cheever

  • The Indy 500 is one of the greatest events in the sport. Drivers all over the world know this. I belong there. Because I'm a racer.

    Fernando Alonso on The Indy 500, The Players Tribune, May 18th 2017

  • I bet you'd love to drive one, you just wouldn't want to crash one!

    Charlie Kimball to Dale Jr. via Twitter, Pocono, August 23rd 2015

  • Do you still remember how to celebrate these things?!

    Tim Cindric on the radio to Will Power, Detroit, 5th June 2016

  • It felt way better than I ever thought it was going to feel!

    Ed Carpenter on finally winning his first race, Kansas, October 2011

  • Helio lives for this. This is his passion. He loves Indy.

    Simon Pagenaud, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 15th 2018

  • Broke a glass at a restaurant. Apologize to the waiter, he looks at me, says "Accidents happen. YOU know what I mean!"

    James Hinchcliffe via Twitter, December 17th 2015

  • It's a living, breathing, organism.

    Eddie Cheever on Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • It's a new... track... record!

    Tom Carnegie

  • The minute he got in front of me, he slowed down half-a-second a lap because he knows I'm fighting him for the championship and he was out of the race. It's probably the most unsportsmanlike thing I've ever seen on the racetrack, apart from shunting someone into a wall.

    Wade Cunningham on Sebastien Saavedra, Iowa 2009

  • Now it's obvious we were too conservative, we should have just gone for it

    Eric Bachelart, Indy 500 Bump Day 2009

  • Second place is nothing.

    Marco Andretti, Indy 2006

  • When you go home and you're slow, there's nothing you can do. But when you go home under these conditions it's kind of tough.

    Alex Tagliani, Indy 500 Bump Day 2009

  • I hope all the fans out there were as excited about that race as I am. It was awesome doing so much passing. Racing can't get any better!

    Graham Rahal on the Kentucky 300, August 2009

  • It was so scary for me. I don't know what else to say. I don't know what happened but it felt like my front and rear wings were upside down.

    Marco Andretti, Kansas 2007

  • Heeeeeee's on it!

    Tom Carnegie

  • I get one more opportunity to head into the defining racing venue of my career with a single, achievable goal: Win.

    Danica Patrick on her final Indy 500, The Players' Tribune, May 15th 2018

  • Back then there were 50-75 cars just trying to make the field. And they were the best drivers in the world. I remember thinking; I can’t believe this. I can't believe I got a spot.

    A.J. Foyt on qualifying for his first Indianapolis 500 mile race

  • I think Briscoe and I had a pretty good race going on, but we got what we got.

    Scott Dixon on losing the race and the championship, Homestead 2009

  • Pounding down toward the yard of bricks...

    Tom Carnegie

  • It was a very good test in terms of outright speed, but I did destroy a car the first day.

    Dan Wheldon, Homestead test 2007

  • If he wins this race with what he has to work with, they ought to name this place after him.

    John Barnes on Sam Hornish Jr, indy 2003

  • As a past driver, I'd answer the phone if Roger or Chip called...

    Sarah Fisher on keeping Josef Newgarden in her team, Racer.com, August 3rd 2015

  • Who is the buff guy in blue with the big #Schnozolla?

    Chip Ganassi on Tony Kanaan's Family Feud appearance, via Twitter, July 26th 2016

  • I love this championship and everything it represents. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be here. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

    Alexander Rossi on IndyCar, The Indy Star, September 14th 2018

  • If he thinks I'm not going to remember that, HE'S CRAZY!

    Danica Patrick on Dan Wheldon, Milwaukee 2007

  • Heeeeere's something that's amazing... i-dent-ical laps.

    Tom Carnegie


Results for Kohler Grand Prix at Road America

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3Drew StormsBadStorms169
 Donna Jacksongogetem169
 Steve MenteGoggles_Paisano169
 William WilsonG2 RACING CAR NO#306169
7Alfa GiuseppeJoltin' Joe Racing167
8Andrew WoodFast Woody162
9Lizzy WalshScottie's Girl159
10David Daniels Daniels Motorsports 157
11Vincent C GenoveseSlot 8 Racing156
 Pat WottonIndyCarlin156
 dacBoiler Up155
 L.A. Hewitt-RubleClutchXCoast155
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 Michael MisterkaGoCanadaRacing #33155
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20Gordon MartinezA French Jimmie w/ Kiwi Chaser152
21Jim BillardAncient Oaks Racing149
22Maryln E.MizzIndy147
 Allen BujakWar Eagle Racing147
24Barry Shield Plus Racing145
 Rick SNo Attack, No Chance145
26Scott BartonIndy500Fan143
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 Andy MillerSquadra Speedgeek142
 Kurt St. AngeloThe Legacy Yellow Shirts142
 Mike WilliamsFoytfanforever142
 Andrew MillerA.J. Foyt's PopOff Valve142
34John CunninghamPenske15141
 Ron DrewniakBlack Flag141
36LeesadeeYou Got Smoked140
 FaridChallenger 1970140
38Larry KellerRahal's Racerz139
39Jim BlaskoLightning Blackie138
 Lloyd FrazierFrazier 7up Racing138
 Nathan LosureWho Dat Racing138
 Jay BreslawskiMonarch LT Racing138
43Rob LeavellSKillet Enterprises135
 StephanieWindy City Quackers135
 John BlaskoSpeed Master II135
 JC LABBlue Bayou Racing 135
49Ryan Ellegood RAE Tennessee Racing134
50Molly GreenFlying Corn133
51Mark WyldmanMarkoWild132
 Dale GleitzMallard132
53jeff nieserwallslammer131
54Jeremy Grinerjcoleg130
 Dave NiesmanHigh Speed Money Pit130
56Rob FoxxFoxx Indy Racing Enterprises129
 John WilsonWombat Racing129
58Mike CockrallTeam Canada128
 Michael JonesCXT420128
 Gary Evansnrracing128
 Brad allenBarney Oldfield’s Cigar128
 Bryan BurdickSuper 15128
63Town Monument BlobDavid Hobbs' relief driver126
64Neil PThe Stickman's Racing Group125
 Bill KnothThe unblinking eye125
66TrixieDennit Racing123
 Joey NewgardenRacer OT123
 Anthony Wayne Clark 1989Anthony Clark Autosports123
70JoeSactown Indy Fan122
 John BernbrockLittle Al Fan122
72ChelseaRacing Divas121
 VinceStinger Racing121
 Jim FergusonTeam Kanaan121
 Darrell CoxRum Runner121
76Dave BulebushBbush Racing South120
 Scott YostScoop85120
 Chris RammelCrusher Racing120
 KP BTeam Buckley120
 Candi JackmanJackman120
81Melissa BarramedaBignumber4119
83LisabethLEB racing117
84Dave RammelDoodles Racing115
 Judy Laubysome beach115
86Tom DeHavenP1 Chase114
87Joseph GallagherTeam Helio113
88Todd GreenSnakes & Arrows Racing112
 Ken NethBalls 2 to the Wall Racing112
 Jonathan CloseLemming51 Enterprises112
91Patrick MooreBrundle 110
93Ben DenewethSweaty Face Covering Motorsports101
 Adam EvartsEvarts Motorsports101
95MichaelRick Mears Head99
 JohnRacer X99
97Mike GBoilerbird Racing97
98TSRTSR Racing96
 Tom TaylorTaylor Racing Team96
100jim stringfellowRace Riot95
 Matt CallahanOilCanCallahan95
 Cruncher C. Block III Simona...will win the Indy 500......besides, she's in a Penske.95
103Parker Allen Digitized racers92
106LeslieHelio Fan #4 for #375
107Elaine MackoFairchild74
108Bill Sandersm20Bill72
109shelby stevenson15in1970